Sunday, 18 January 2009

Crocks Inc.

Was up bright and early this morning, no hint of the predicted storm, at least on this side of the country anyways. Nope - it's blues skies and sunshine all the way. This left me with no excuses for not going out for a run. It's pretty cold out there, frosty underfoot, but I got down to Jarrow in time to meet up with my clubmates Alan & Graeme for a slowish bimble.

We decided on the shorter Sunday route, as both Alan and I haven't been on form but even with the slow pace I was really knackered, just unbelievable how much fitness I must have lost.

We headed off from York Avenue up to Mill Lane and over into Hebburn, we met up with Helen en-route, she's injured too - hence the post title...we are indeed a bunch of crocks lol!

Managed to convince the others to cut off a bit of the route so we finished a tad earlier - I could tell Alan was gutted as he was having the run of his life Wink, but seriously, managed to get round with minimal pain from my ankle, and it wasn't wet or blowing a hooligan....result!

Happy running folks! Laughing


  1. hey gw - sounds like it was well worth the effort. love the pic of allan. he looks like a smart collie brimming with character and energy!

  2. Hehe that's not Alan - that's my collie Murphy :) Though I'm sure Alan would love to be able to run as fast as he can :D