Sunday, 4 January 2009

Heya Folks,

A bit about me:

I started running in the summer of '04 to lose weight - I'd become a bit of a bloater to be honest. Too much pizza, curry and chinese as well as an addiction to toast & doughnuts had left my body a wreck - a size 24 & grossly overweight for my height. I decided enough was enough, and with some help from my husband Andy, some new found willpower and a lot of exercise, I've managed to shift almost eight stone - about half my weight.

I'm now competing for Jarrow & Hebburn AC, doing canny in our local races, and I took part in the local veterans track league last year (since I turned 35 and officially became old in athletic terms lol )

Training info/logs & races: here

400 m 1:16 10k 43:50
800 m 2:52 1 mile
1500 m 5:49 5 miles 36:02
3000 m 12:23 10 miles
5000 m 21:07 13.1 miles 1:42:06

Not the best in the world by any stretch, but not bad either. I'm hoping for a sub 21 minute 5k next year. I've already smashed my 10k, 1 mile pb & 800m pb's, and knocked over 2 mins off my half marathon time at this years GNR.

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