Tuesday, 24 February 2009

First (complete) club session since November

I'm back!!

Have actually managed to complete a club session with no ankle pain whatsoever....whoohoo!! I did have a stonking cold all of last week, so hadn't ran at all, but this didn't seem to affect my stamina too badly.

The session turned out to be Springfield bank (my favourite), basically running up and down the same hill for 45 mins. It's a great stamina builder, so I started with some enthusiasm. To be honest I was starting to get a wee bit disheartened with my running (or lack thereof), and I was beginning to think that I'd never recover. I'm normally a pretty upbeat sort of gal, but having done nothing really since the middle of November, I was beginning to think that I'd lost the knack.

Anyways, we set off and I felt pretty strong - was actually aiming to do six of the twelve laps, then see how I felt and maybe just keep adding a lap on till I conked out. By lap 6 I was sitting in the middle of the group, quite comfortable, but my legs were protesting at the hill work (prolly since they've done nothing more strenuous than the daily dog walk). I decided to press on, and targeted one of the other runners (Rachel) as someone to hang on to or pass if possible. By lap 10 I'd actually caught her, and passed her on one of the downhill sections, but she quickly recovered on the hill back up - maybe cause she's young enough to be my daughter lol, so I'll say its an age thing (rather than me being slightly overweight and totally unfit).

I managed to trail only about fifteen - twenty metres behind her for lap 11, then on the uphill of 12 she pulled away again. I chased her down on the final descent and finished with a bit of a spurt of speed.

Pretty happy with completing the session, and the fact that I'm not a complete quivering wreck to boot.

Puppy Update....

Megan, aka Meganraptor or Meglet (as in piglet), or our resident klepto, has taken to knicking off with all of our socks, and building a nest with them. Not sure if we should have named her Mag rather than Meg, as she's quite the magpie. It seems that nothing is safe, not even my underwear which seems to be a real favourite. Surprised

I'm gonna take some decent pics of the two of them together, as there seems to be a bit of a truce going on at the mo, and she's growing at such a rate that soon she'll lose that 'puppyness' (and hopefully some of her razor sharp teeth).

Anyways...happy running folks, and roll on the light nights!


Tuesday, 3 February 2009

A new addition

I missed running in the snow - it hadn't started by the time I'd finished my run on Sunday, and today all the snow has melted (thankfully). Did manage a 7 miler with the Jarrow & Hebburn guys on Sunday. It's my longest run since November and still no ankle pain...whoohoo!

My big news is the addition of a new puppy to the household. She's a tri coloured Border Collie pup, who we've named Meg.. as that's a good traditional Border Collie name. Murphy isn't overly pleased at the invasion of his household, and the fact that she's managed to round up all of his toys into her cage, which is highly amusing since two of them are bigger than she is!

She's only 8 weeks old and hasn't had her shots yet, and she's a real sweetheart when she's not chewing clothes, blankets, shoes, hands or anything else that comes into nibbling range.

I'm too tired to go running tonight (after a couple of early hour wake up howls) but I'm hoping for a decent night's sleep tonight and a good run tomorrow evening.

Here's a couple of "pin-ups" of the wee lassie, and a shot of Murph in the snow!

Meg sleeping

Meg sleeping

Murph in the snow