Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Marathon Madness...

Given that I've had some kind of cold bug and have been coughing like a 40-a-day smoker, I skipped my long run on Sunday in favour of sitting under a duvet with some sausage sarnies to watch the Flora London Marathon. What a superb watch it was too.

Both the ladies and men's elite races were gripping, I guess I was as much on the edge of my seat willing Mara on to win as anyone was, and couldn't help but think that the punishing pace being set by the pacemakers in the men's race was bound to cause problems in the long run. But even though Mara didn't win it was great, exciting, viewing, as was the guys race. Add to this all of the great stories and celebs running, it was far superior entertainment to the usual Saturday night offering on the box.

Have to to say too that I spent a good couple of hours just sitting watching the finishing line feeds on BBCi, managing to spot several folks I know, or recognized crossing the line, most with that look of grim determination, then relief and joy that they'd made it to the finish. I spotted the 'lads' from my running club - big grats to the three of them:

Mick Joyce, who's in my running group, ran very even splits and cracked last years time by an impressive three mins to finish in 3:24:29, 205th over 50 - well done mate! - you looked over the moon as you crossed the line :D

Joe Prudham (my hero), who was 14th in the over 70's in a time of 4:35:27, which is great considering he's had an operation on one of his knees!

and last but not least: Barry Pasco, 311th in the over 60's in 4:48:09.

There were some cracking performances from folks on the Realbuzz & Runners World - many grats to WayToSlow, Blister Sister, CC2 Speedy Goth, Andy Sly and Mandie (who got round even though she took a tumble on the course)!

Was a little dissapointed with the Adidas mobile tracker I have to say, it was supposed to send through texts for each 5k split, but all it send was a starting text, half marathon point, then the finish time. It wasn't far off when the folks crossed the finish line to receiving the text though, so I guess that was something.

All this had me eager to get my entry in the ballot for next years race, and after some technical hitches with the site I managed to get registered late last night. I'm already on three refusals (you automatically get in after 5), but with any luck it'll be 4th time lucky. I've also got confirmation that I am in for Newcastle Town Moor Marathon, so I'd better get into gear and do some training - only 7 months till the big day!

Still have no real idea of finishing times at this point, I'm hoping to finish some point around 4 hours or less, Fetch worked out that I could do 3:32 from last years GNR time, but I'm not convinced, much as I'd love to get round that quick I think it's a bit unrealistic for a first attempt. So I'm gonna aim lower and be pleasantly surprised if it turns out for the better ;)

Feeling better today than I did at the weekend, so I am going to go the the club tonight - no doubt it'll be one of coach Jim's evil torture session, but I'll have to see how my lungs get on.

Wish me luck!

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