Sunday, 19 April 2009

Wallsend Rising Sun 5 Miles

Afternoon Ladies & Gents

Well I'm now convinced that Wallsend Harriers have some kind of deal on with the sun gods, as their race weather conditions are always gorgeous! But I'm getting a little ahead of myself, sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin

I'll actually begin last night...

It was one of my diving buddies, well two two of them technically, hen night - so we were out in Newcastle from 6:30 - met in the busiest pub in the whole world (the Goose), then off to a really nice tapas restaurant called El Coto, before meeting up with the male contingent for more drinkies.

Given that I was racing today I declined on the alcohol, but still didn't manage to get home till 11:30 (late for me), then ended up sitting watching 'Behind Enemy Lines'. So where I'm normally in bed by 9:30, it was way way beyond that.

This all led to me waking at my normal time of 5am, with hair like Medusa on a bad snake day, and what felt like a stinking hangover, not the best race prep ever, but what the hell, it was a canny night.

I forced down some microwaved cottage pie for my brekkie, then headed over the water and up the A19 to the aptly named Rising Sun Country Park. It was cool when I got there, and me not quite being fully awake thought the race started at 10 (and not 10:30) so I arrived before most of the marshals as the gates were being opened at doesn't like to be late for these things.

Mick turned up not long after, we picked up our numbers, and went for a warm up. The plan was to use the race with the warm up & down as my long Sunday run, so we did 38:59 as our warm up, dropped kit off at the van, then straight up to the start and only a 5 minute break before the race started. The clouds cleared and the sun came up almost immediately after the starter blew his whistle. We were off, with a cloud of dust being kicked up from the paths.

We'd done maybe just over a mile when a guy from North Shields Poly Club fell in beside me, he said I was running at just the right pace for him, which was actually perfect for both of us - we kept it nice and even for the whole course - no sprinting off like mad folks, right through the two laps and round to the finish. So a big big thank you to Andrew Webb! Got round in 38:29 according to the results, not as good as previous years, but I wasn't aiming for flat out fast anyways.

Collected our t shirts (a nice techie More Miles shirt), met back up with Mick, Jenny from Heaton, Andrew W, and another guy whose name I didn't catch, and bimbled off for our warm down. fifteen & a half mins back round to the car park. All told around 11 miles - a canny little Sunday bimble! It was a canny last long run for Mick before London too

A quick hark back to the saga of last night....

Because I was at the hen night last night, I missed our club presentation night, which is normally a canny evening but I had to make a choice between the two. Anyways, I had a natter with Micheal Bunn today, and he said I'd won the 'Veteran Athlete of the Year' award - sweet! Will post more when I know more.

Last but not least, a quick hello to Carl - who I said I'd give shout out to - Heya you!

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