Saturday, 27 June 2009

NE Fetcheveryone one mile challenge

Morning Campers,

Just a quick update of the weeks events, nothing too staggering on the training front to be honest - Tuesday was my least favourite session out of all the ones we do at the club - Valley View park.

The route round the park isn't too bad to be fair, but that last climb up from the stream to the top of the bank is a killer. Anyways, it was five reps with two minutes recovery. Distance is around 1200m (.75 mile) per rep. 4:35, 5:02, 5:10, 5:03, 4:52 - not too shabby as the last time we did it I managed 4:57 for the fastest lap, and 5:49 for the slowest - I must be improving!

Wednesday's run was a write off - I must have eaten something dodgy, because after a 20 min warm up I felt really unwell, met up with the guys and said I couldn't run, then dashed back to the car :S

Thursday however was a different kettle of fish altogether

I skipped the scheduled track session to take part in the one mile time trial at South Shields. Did a canny warm up with the other fetchies, and set about organising a handicap as there was a pretty decent turnout. We went off in four waves starting at 8:00 min mile pace, then every 30 seconds down to 6:30 pace.

I set off with the 6:30 folks, though I was aiming to get down to my pb of 6:26. Everyone shot off like greyhounds and I was left trailing at the back, but I just settled in for a nice steady first 800m. Geoff had kindly marked out every 400m, so I had a pretty good idea of how I was doing. With all the track races I've been doing recently I have a fair idea of how fast I can do 800m, but with the mile there's always that added little extra distance to think about.

800m came in 3:10 - almost perfect 95 sec 400s, but it meant I had to really work for the second half of the race. I put my foot down and started aiming to catch people. The next 400m seemed to fly over, and before I knew it the end was almost upon me. I'd caught up with one of the other ladies in the group, but she just pipped me through the finish. I stopped, stopped my watch and felt like I was going to be sick.

Checked the time, and I had to double take. 6:13. 13 seconds off my pb! I was over the moon :D

If it had been a timed race I could have had at least another second there too. I so, so, have a sub six mile in me. I know it. With the right conditions like Thursday night, and without a whole day on my feet at work, it's definitely there.

All of this recent speed-work has definitely paid some dividends, and I the long runs are doing wonders with my stamina - looks like I may be back on form at last - only taken 6 months to get back to where I was at the beginning of last year :S Wonder what kind of standard I might have been at without that darn ankle injury.

Still, it's great to be out there running - I have no complaints what so ever, just fingers crossed that I don't get injured for the rest of the season!

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