Sunday, 14 June 2009

On a happier note....

Had a canny week of running, and a few things to blog about.

Tuesday 9th - 10k - 56:55

Everyone but Mick & I were either working or off to the Blaydon Race, so instead of the planned Springfield hill session we did a pretty long warm up and then the time trial route.

Wednesday 10th - working

Couldn't make it to my usual run due to work commitments, and popping out for food for my Dad's birthday. Was also our wedding anniversary, but Andy in his wisdom, decided to organise the knockout for his singles golf comp on the evening :P

Thursday 11th - track session 10 x 700

Quite a little tough session, but the weather gods were smiling upon us, with no wind and light showers - perfect running conditions. Pushed on as best I could and managed to finish after saying I'd only manage 8 at the start.

Friday 12th & Saturday 13th - work

Didn't manage to fit in any running at all due to a pretty hefty workload. Hoping next week will be much better! Least we managed to get out for curry on the evening :)

Sunday 14th - The highlight of my week

Was invited down to South Shields to run the senior ladies "doggy mile" by Tony Carlisle, who organises the Butcher's Great North Dog Walk. I've done the full 5k in previous years, but this year I fancied having a bash at the one mile. I was gutted that Meg couldn't have been down there to take in the atmosphere, and started to fill up when I had a chat to the very nice folks on the Border Collie Trust stand.

I was there with my Dad to run with my folks' dog Alice, a Hungarian Visla - very very quick, so I was expecting a canny time. Rkid (my sis) & pete, and my aunt & uncle turned up with their dogs too to cheer me on.

After some confusion about the location of the start (at the Marsden end) we eventually found it and I was off like a shot. Alice is a very good running partner, but she does tend to get a little distracted by all the other dogs, so I took a route straight down the leas, trying to avoid the majority of the other walkers. We almost came a cropper with a couple of guys with dogs on extending leads (for which read trip wires), but we managed to get back on target and romped home in 6:26 - equaling my one mile personal best....sweet!

Will post some piccies when I get them :)

Feeling a lot better about Meg now, but still have the odd dodgy moment. Hopefully that'll ease over time, I just wish she was still here.

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