Sunday, 29 November 2009

NEHL 1 : Farringdon XC

Morning Campers!

Well, it's a week since my jaunt around the Town Moor and I'm actually feeling pretty good. I had a bit of a bimble around on Tuesday at the club with Graeme - nothing too strenuous, then a day off on Wednesday, before throwing myself back into the mix on Thursday with the club track session.

It was 16 x 400 with 60 seconds recovery, I had thought I might just make it to ten, but told Coach Jim that I was aiming for 12, so when I tried to skive off the last two he got me going again Wink

Total Distance 4.8k, total time: 20:36, pace: 6:55/mile

Rep times: 1:45, 1:46, 1:44, 1:41, 1:41, 1:43, 1:43, 1:43, 1:43, 1:43, 1:43, 1:41

Took the first couple to get into my stride, but felt pretty comfortable once I stopped chasing Alan *grins*


North East Harrier League meeting 1 - Farringdon, Sunderland

I had to get there early to meet up with Alan & Simon to do any late registrations and then the results, but after my feel good session on the track on Thursday I felt that I was strong enough to take part. So I grabbed my kit, went to work, called into Start fitness for a sweet new pair of shorts (sorry folks the luminous ones are retired till my thighs shrink Embarassed), and then headed over to Sunderland.

We had a couple of minor glitches with the junior races, but nothing too troublesome, then as the mens race was finishing I dashed over to the start. Was nice to get some pre race encouragement from the Jarrow & Hebburn lads, and to catch up with some ladies I know from Sunderland Harriers, Strollers and Heaton, including a couple I saw at the Moor last week but hadn't met yet - well done ladies!

Before I could really get warmed up we were on the start line and off.

I'd been warned by my xc gurus Mick & Micheal, that the course was a fair bit muddy in places, but to be honest it was no worse than normal. The mud was in all of the usual spots, on the decesnt down the first hill (a lady took a tumble infront of me), on the corners, and as you climbed out of the stream.

My aim was a nice steady race, happy in the knowledge that no matter what happened I couldn't ever be as knackered as I was on the Town Moor. The plan seemed to work too, I'd kind of planned to take the first hill fairly steady, check out who was around me that I recognised and then hopefully stick with them.

Jenny from Heaton was well away, and I couldn't see Lisa Walker (Wallsend) either, but Helen Morris (Blyth), was pretty much right infront of me. I know she's a bit quicker than me, but the plan was to hang on for as long as poss.

I think we must have tag teamed it right round the course, because if I couldn't see her infront, I could hear folks cheering her on behind Laughing

The big hill didn't coma as a shock, so I just slowed and ran up it using Helen's (J&H) "I'm a little mountain goat" mantra. It got me to the top - along with some verbal encouragement from Micheal & Craig. Lap 2 was a carbon copy of the first, with the addition of the fast pack flying past, just nice and steady - could this mean that I've finally cracked this pace thing lol.

Anyways (I'm rambling and my stomach is rumbling for my brekke)

It felt a great deal slower than I'd normally do this race, the pace was very even, no crazy fast start, no dyig towards the end, nothing like my running style infact *giggles*


I came through the finish in 28:10, a good 70 seconds faster than the last time I did it! (29:21)

What the hell is that all about! The course is the same, I know I've ran it often enough. Freaky huh!

Over the moon with that to be honest.

I had to the run from the finish, back round to the school (changing from my spikes before I got mud all over the reception), then cracked on with the ladies & junior womens results!

Busy day, but pretty rewarding Laughing

Many thanks to Sunderland Harriers for hosting, to all of the officials, marshals and timekeepers without whom the event couldn't take place - your work is most appreicated!

I didn't manage to catch up with Helen at the finish (will try and see you at the next one)


I've got copies, but they will be available here: sportsoft race results

I'll post a direct link when they're up.

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Ok so I've been a little remiss updating this blog, it's not cause I've stopped blogging, I'm just really pressed for time at the mo - so take a bimble over to real buzz and check out my updates there, and I'll hopefully get things back to normal here when I have some free time.

Happy running folks :)