Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Bike stuff & running stuff

I'll start with the bike stuff.

After a pretty hairy time on the bike last week I was kind of thinking that it would take some kind of act of god for me to be able to improve enough to take part in the triathlon next year, but I decided to give it another go this morning.

After I got the lads vans loaded up and they set off I got the bike out and wen't for a bit of a bimble around the warehouse again. The dog was loving it - trying to leap onto my lap, but once he realised he was actually getting a really good run-around, he set off ahead of me and I was able to do some laps.

So (and I know this is very slow, but I'm rubbish at the mo), it was seven laps at around 300m per lap, in 8 minutes - bearing in mind that I had to slow down for the bends, and to avoid colliding with the hound. That's 6:09 mile pace - 9.75mph (and I did my 200s on the track quicker last week) but it's a start.

On with the running stuff...

Tonight was the club 5k time trial - the conditions were perfect, and we had a pretty good turn out. I was set off after Alan & Helen (30secs?) so my aim was to try and catch up. I caught sight of them as we left the village, but it took me all the way past the Lakeside pub to catch up. I was literally only metres behind them for a good mile, but didn't seem to have that bit of oomph to get me there. Once I did catch up, Alan took up the pace and motored past me again. Brian came flying by with Peter hot on his heels. I was tiring, but managed to make it through to the finish in under 23 mins which was my goal.

Distance: 5k, time: 22:47, pace: 7:20

Not too unhappy with that to be honest - it's pretty much on par with the last couple of parkruns I've done (22:44 & 22:41) on a much tougher course. Smile

Well done to everyone tonight - and a special well done to Peter for going sub 20 mins for the first time!

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