Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Sunday with the Strollers

Afternoon peeps :)

Just a quick update on last week's running efforts. After a pretty hefty session on New Road on Tuesday I could only manage a couple of short runs on Wednesday & Thursday on the track (due to time constraints). This was more than made up for by my trip over to Sunderland on Sunday.

It was a lovely morning, and in hindsight I should have opted for shorts & a t-shirt cause I was boiling after the first mile and a half. My ninja suit leggings and long sleeved top weren't the best option by a long-shot :S.

There was another good turn out of runners again this week, and I managed to have a pretty good natter on the way round. We set off up Queen Alexandra road towards Grangetown, then along past Ryhope towards Seaham. Once we'd gone through Ryhope I was in unfamiliar territory, and so going round the back of Seaham Hall through the trees I didn't have a sodding clue where we were...still there wasn't a great deal of mud on the menu (how unusual), so at least my feet were relatively clean.

We seemed to go cross country in a few places, then joined back up with the old railway line we had been along last week. At least I knew where we were then :). Once we were back down onto the playing fields I had the option of taking the shorter route with Dave, but he'd a bit of a metronome and I didn't feel up to going at his pace, so I stuck with the main group all the way through to the finish.

12.53 miles, 1:47:21 (8:34 pace)

This seems to be doing me a world of good with my speed, so hopefully (fingers crossed) I'll be fit for the track season coming up.

Happy running folks :D

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