Friday, 9 April 2010

A non running related update...

Well, there was some running involved in the week, but none today.

No - this update is all about Jane Smallcombe's exhibition at the Mushroom Works in Newcastle.

I met Jane a few years ago *cough* ok...more than a few ;) on my first day at senior school which I guess was September '83, guessing because thinking about it that's actually 27 years ago...omg I feel old :S. Anyways...She was always very good at art, and this exhibition goes to show she's never lost her touch.

Applique Originals is such a perfect name, as every one of the pieces on show are all unique little bundles of creative needlework. I'm happy to have been along to the exhibition with my sister to catch up and take a mooch around the gallery to see her work.

Cheers Jane and all the best!

Jane's Bird

Jane & Vicki

Applique Originals is at the Mushroom Works from Saturday 10th April until Saturday 1st May.

1 comment:

  1. My god Vicky - that was quick!

    Thanks for coming along - it was great to see you and your sister. Will be in touch.

    Jane x