Tuesday, 4 May 2010

April round up

Morning Campers,

I hadn't forgotten about you, just been really really busy with work and some other stuff. Will do a bit of a round up for last month and plans for May Smile

Ok April was a really busy month for races

4th - North Tyneside 10k: After a decent run at the Marina 5m the week before I was hoping for a canny run at NT10k but a bout of food poisoning put pay to that. At least I managed to get round in a fairly mediocre time of 47:30. Was worth it just for the goody bag ;)

11th - Sanddancer 10k: Had a really good run, enjoyed the race and seemed to have pretty much recovered from the week before. Finished in 45:25

17th & 18th - A weekend double! On the 17th I thought I'd have a crack at the Sunderland Parkrun, chased Alyson from Strollers most of the way but couldn't catch her at the finish and came home in 22:15 (third lady & a season best). I know I can do at least 21:30 on the course but I'm carrying too much weight and I'm just not fit enough yet.

18th - Wallsend 5m: I never seem to have a decent run at this race, but the sun always shines on the Rising Sun 5m so it's a canny morning out! Went over with Frankie (who had a storming race) and I came in in a fairly disappointing 37:05. Still somehow managed to get 2nd Lady 35, but couldn't stop for the presentation.

The next weekend could have been the Blyth 10k for my next race, but I was up at Lochaline diving - had a cracking weekend there and really enjoyed the break. This has really inspired me to go diving some more.

On with this month...

1st may - Sunderland Parkrun: I should have been going to Carlisle for the senior league, but I was working on Saturday and couldn't make it, so I nipped over to Silksworth to do the parkrun instead. I met up with Mick for a warm up jog, then got stuck into the race.

It was actually much warmer than I'd expected so I think the guy behind me was a bit startled when I stripped off my tshirt on the first downhill and chucked it at a marshal! I set about just keeping a nice steady pace and trying not to slow down too much. I did start to tire a little on the second lap of the lake, but dug in and kept going right through to the finish. That last uphill to get to the finish is a killer but I came through in 22:33 (1st Lady).

I'm guessing that if I can keep going with my speed work and lose half a stone my times should start tumbling back down again.

There's no races for me this weekend (shock horror), but I do have the Pier to Pier, Clive Cookson 10k and Watergate 10k this month so I've got plenty to keep me out of trouble ;)

Best of luck to all those who have entered the ballot for London 2011. I was on my 4th refusal, but have decided not to enter again after my disaster on the Town Moor. Give me the short stuff any day!

Happy running folks Smile

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