Sunday, 18 July 2010

A proud GB Coasters relay team member!

Morning Campers :)

I'm sure I didn't have July penciled in to be this hectic at the start of the year, but it seems that there's no let up in the race schedule. I did thin out a few races I'd normally do this month, but I still seem to be very busy!

Saturday 17th July : Coasters GB South Shields to Sunderland section.

This was a run of all seasons - started with torrential rain in South Shields at the handover, had a savage crosswind up the leas, then blazing sunshine as soon as I crossed the boundary into Sunderland. A canny run in my brand new (and very expensive by my standards) nimbus 12s which I bought in the morning.

South Shields Ferry landing Barry the Baton handover from Tim Taylor

Me on the Leas at the Great North Run finish area

Wearmouth Bridge handover to Philip Teece & team :)

Many thanks to my super photo & vehicle support man and all round great guy - my dad! Cheers Dad you're a star

Overall distance 9.18 miles, 1:16:50

More info on the coasters here:

15th July : Track session

Club track session 8x400m, watch battery died just as the session started, so times were approximate. Was doing around 100 sec laps. 30sec recovery

11th July : Strollers long run

Another mad Strollers training run, hills & dales jobby. Bloody knackered when we eventually got back to the Barnes. Didn't much help that it was blowing a hooligan, but at least it was sunny and not raining. I vaguely know where we went, but was unfamiliar with whole sections of the run - nice to get out and explore!

Overall distance 12 miles, 1:49:37

Strollers website link here

10th July : Newcastle Parkrun

I got several messages on facebook saying that Newcastle parkrun were hoping for 100 runners, so I dashed off before work to take part and help the cause. They got to their 100, and I got round in a reasonable time considering I'd already done two races that week

5k 22:53, 7th lady, 1st L35

Newcastle parkrun page here
Sunderland parkrun page here

8th July : Angel View Run 5m

Bit of a toughy but really enjoy running round this part of Gateshead. It was a bit difficult underfoot on the first part of the big hill as they've redone the surface with fairly chunky stone chippings, but I kept my form up the hill waved to hubby at the top (he was watering our allotment which you can see from the course) then motored back down the hill. Finished in 39:06 & got the 1st L35 prize and by some miracle we had a ladies team out and we won the ladies prize! , pretty happy after doing the Sunshine Run on Wednesday

5M 39:06, 7th Lady, 1st L35

Angel View results here

7th July : Sunshine Run

Had a canny run, even with the heat and the smoke from the staithes which were on fire at Dunston Simon (from Runners World) and Alan from my club both got away from me in the last kilometre, but I still got 4th lady in 22:47 I didn't make the podium this year, but I was 1st vet lady, so pretty happy with that. Well done to my brother in law Pete who did this race as his first ever 5k!

5k 22:47, 4th Lady, 1st L35

28th, Alan Jobling, 22.30
29th, Simon Jamieson, 22.32
108th, Peter Harvey, 28.09

Sunshine Run results here

So after a busy two weeks I was going to go over to Sunderland again this morning to do the Strollers long run, but I'm going to take a well deserved day off and watch the Open from St Andrews ...after I tackle the long and varied list of household chores I've got to do

Happy running folks!

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