Thursday, 10 March 2011

Bacon butties & chocolate biscuits

I've been a naughty girl.

Well, not really naughty, but I've missed two runs this week, so efforts will have to be made to appease the running gods and ECDJ (Evil Coach Darth Jim), with virtual offerings of bacon butties and chocolate biscuits.  Still managed to slot in a fairly decent session on Tuesday night with the running club though, and I'm planning to do 18-20 miles this afternoon (work permitting), then Blaydon XC tomorrow, running depending on whether or not I have time to dash out from doing results (and if the team need me).

Speaking of teams, a big Thanks! to Team Jarrow (David & Peter), for dragging my arse round the reps on Tuesday.  It was 3 x 2700m reps, with a 300m jog recovery between each.  We had been lulled into a false sense of security by ECDJ who said it was 2500m, but even with just 200m extra tagged on it's still a bloody long way.

Realising that I'm not as fit or fast as the mighty Frankie, I didn't take off like a whippet at the start of the session (see - I am learning even at my grand old age), and settled in to try and keep up with the currently injured training partner of Frankie - Peter, and David Mills, who clearly has a decent running pedigree, but is currently reduced to best whippet pace. 

We went through the first rep in 11:55, but every lap of the new road seemed to get windier and windier, so the subsequent reps were a tad slower.

Rep 1: 2700m (1.67m) 11:55 - 7:08 min/mile
Rep 2: 2700m (1.67m) 12:14 - 7:20 min/mile
Rep 3: 2700m (1.67m) 12:12 - 7:18 min/mile

If I could managed a wee bit quicker on the track it'd end up being a canny 3k time - we'll have to see how things go after the London Marathon, in the vet's track league.

...and talking of the vet's league - here are the dates for my up & coming races & track meetings for spring and summer.

12th March - Blaydon XC
26th March - Prudhoe XC (won't be running - just doing results)
27th March - Hartlepool Marina 5m (inc. vets 5m champs).
3rd April - Blyth 10k
17th April - London Marathon
9th May - VAANE Meeting #1 (Veteran's track league) 400m, or 3000m depending on how I am after VLM
18th May - VAANE Meeting #2 (Veteran's track league) 800m / 1500m
22nd May - Pier to Pier 7 miles
6th June - VAANE Meeting #3 (Veteran's track league) 400m / 1mile
12th June - Redcar Half Marathon (looking for sub 1:40)
20th June - VAANE Meeting #4 (Veteran's track league) 300m / 800m
22nd June? - Clive Cookson 10k (looking for sub 44)
9th July - VAANE Track & Field Championships 3000m
18th July - VAANE Meeting #5 (Veteran's track league) 800m / 3000m
20th July - Sunderland 5k (looking for sub 22, hopefully sub 21)
24th August - Watergate 5k (vet's 5k champs)
4th September - Tynedale Jelly Tea 10m, British Masters 10 mile champs (looking for sub 75)
10th September - VAANE 5000m track champs (if I don't get 20:xx please shoot me)

It looks busy, but there's a whole bunch of races I'd normally do which I've missed out.

Judging from recent performances I should be looking at a decent season, after last years write off!

Happy running folks :)

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  1. Looks a cracking running diary. I make it back to the North-East every now and again - brought up nr Bishop Auckland. You're surely not vet age?????