Sunday, 1 May 2011

Nice little bimble in the park

Morning Campers :)

Well I said I would take a hard earned rest form running, and I definitely have.  The day after London I came down with one of those post marathon mystery cold bugs, so the chances of getting out there for a gentle bimble were well off the cards anyhow.

Still I've used the opportunity to get some housework in order, catch up with some work and have played a couple of rounds of golf.  My hip seems to be well on the mend too, so I ventured out yesterday for a quickie (phnarr phnarr) round the Townmoor at the Newcastle Parkrun.  I was at work, so it was literally a turn up, run, then dash back off to the next call, but I wore plenty of orange for the Lucozade sponsored event, and bagged myself a canny techie tshirt at the finish :D

The aim was just to get round, test out the old legs and see how the hip was.  I wore my sparkly new racers (as I think there's a problem with my Asaics trainers) and the legs were fine.  Set off at a steady pace, nowt too taxing, and was pleasantly surprised by a 23:15 finishing time - perhaps that's the key to success - just turn up, don't expect any kind of time, and run how you feel?

I am going to have to make some kind of effort from Tuesday onwards though, as I only have six weeks to go till the Redcar Half Marathon.  I've done some great times in training this year, so hopefully that'll translate to a decent enough time on the day.  Though to be honest, so long as I don't finish looking like I did at London I'll be a happy chappie.

Talking of which...

How's this:  Picture someone in a world of hurt :S

No wonder it took me so bloody long to do the last 3 mile.  
If I ever, ever, think about doing it again, someone give me a slap and point me at this picture :P

For more piccies of me looking like I'm gonna keel over, and some decent ones of the other Jarrow & Hebburn AC runners, check out this link: link to FB London Marathon piccies