Saturday, 2 July 2011

Boxes of stuff

Today I should have been waking up in my new house, but it's been delayed a week, so here I am living out of boxes for the next seven days, wondering if I can keep washing the same few items of running kit over & over.  I don't mind if I'm seen sporting the same two t-shirts for the next week, so long as they're clean when I put them on.  Still, it's going to be worth it when I'm sitting in my new garden with a cup of coffee next weekend before bimbling off to do Watergate Trail Race.

The box situation has also posed a problem for my up coming diving exped. Some of my kit is in my dive bag, but my suit is in a box, and I need to get my wrist seals sorted before the 22nd.  I know this is leaving it a bit last minute, but I was expecting to have it unpacked today or tomorrow

On a more positive note my new cylinders are ready to rock & roll :D

Many thanks to Tommy & his custom made twinning bands!

Back on the running front it has been reported that I won the ladies race in the Sunshine Run (in the Chronicle no less)  this is not the case - Angela Hunter was the clear winner (by some margin I might add) in a super time of 18:55, I did claim my second place (38th overall) in an official time of 22:18 - though I'm sure it was less than that by my reckoning, but I'm still not gonna argue with a season best.

 Here we are!

I'll be putting the super orange racers back in action over 5k at the Sunderland 5k on the 20th of July.  It's a cracking fast course, so get your entries in here on the Sunderland Harriers website

Before then I've got the vet's athletics championships next Saturday the 9th, and then Watergate 10k on the 10th - looking like a busy weekend, it's just as well I'm not doing Tynedale on the 6th or I'd be well worn out.

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