Sunday, 19 February 2012

Jarrow & Hebburn AC @ the Royal Signals

The results are out, and we didn't do too badly!

Check out the full results on the New Marske Harriers website:

31st (28th) Men's Senior team
Jarrow & Hebburn AC - Total time: 82.54

Andy Burn 12.01 17th
David Mills  15.55  44th
Thomas Coyne  12.17  32nd
Malcolm Leece  14.41  36th
Craig Deacon  13.07  33rd
Michael Joyce  14.53  31st

14th  (10th) Women's Senior team
Jarrow & Hebburn AC - Total Time: 64.43

Elaine Leslie  14.20  8th
Hazel Webster-Costella  16.56  15th
Vicki Thompson  17.06  16th
Gillian Brown  16.21  14th

Well done to everyone on the Jarrow team, we did really well, and I'm happy I didn't let loads of people go past ;)

Photo's shamelessly nicked from George Routledge  & Dave Kitching from Facebook - great pictures guys!

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