Friday, 2 March 2012


Since the signal's relays I've only got a few of Evil Coach Darth Jim's sessions to report - I've missed a couple of sessions due to work, and I've not managed to get much else in other than the odd 5k here and there with the dog.

We were back on New road (Adair Way) for a canny interval session - really tried to push it a bit, but couldn't believe the heat for this time of the year - roasting!

New road session 2.5laps x4 (300 jog recovery)

1.56k - 6:49
1.56k - 6:55
1.61k - 7:01
1.54k - 7:04

That works out at 7:08 pace - just what's needed if I can string 'em together for a 5k

Last Tuesday saw the return of the dreaded Springfield Hill session, well... I say dreaded, but it's actually my favourite club session, and to call it Springfield is a bit off the mark too, since they've torn down the old Springfield school and replaced it with one simply called Jarrow school on the same spot.  Why they couldn't just keep the name I don't know, but hey, we're still gonna call the session Springfield, so in some small way it's being remembered.

Check out that course profile!

I think it looks more like my heart rate than what the elevation should look like.  12 times the hill, in a fairly naff time of 33:51.  I was looking back at what I've managed to do on this session before and it's a bit disappointing: 30:23 is my best time, but I was fit then, so it's something to work on.

The main thing is that I finished the session, and my foot has been absolutely fine - not a hint of the dreaded plantar facsiitis!

Thursday's has us back on the track.

Darth Jim had texted through the session, but it was changed (by general consensus since a few were racing this weekend) from 12 x 400, to 3 x 1000.  Both were to be at 5k pace, so it wasn't that much of a difference. 

3 x 1000m, 100 walk 100 jog recovery
4:33, 4:36, 4:35

It was supposed to be at 5k pace, but that works out quite a bit slower - 7:23 pace.  I mean it's not a million miles from what it should be, but it should be a bit quicker.  I'm pretty happy at the mo that I can get round at all after the shocking (lack of) training managed through the whole of last autumn and winter.  The main thing now is to just focus on the training and not sign up to any daft races.  I know I'm not going to be fit for a 10k this year, so I haven't signed up for any yet, and anything longer than that is definitely out of the question, so it's 5k all the way.

Going to see how I get on at Saltwell parkrun this morning, just a bit of a stretch of the legs before heading up to Alnwick to do the cross country results.  No xc for the rest of the season for me (because of the foot), so I should make the most of this morning's run.

Happy running folks!

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