Friday, 14 September 2012

5k delight

It's been 5k season for me over the last couple of months, a few 5k races, and the parkruns have seen me get some pretty decent times, but nothing close to my personal best.  So, sub 22 is the main goal for today's 5k effort at the Great North 5k, on the Newcastle & Gateshead quaysides.

I'm not sure that having my 'Sunday' name on it will help me run any quicker, but I'm quite looking forward to the fact that it's got chip timing, and that the course looks pretty fast, despite a couple of ups & downs.

According to the powerof10 I'm not doing too badly in the UK rankings for vet 40, but I'd like to just dip under the 22 minute mark for my own sanity, and the fact that I know I can do it, and haven't yet this year is a bit annoying.

 I've ran 22 5ks/5000m this year, so hopefully by the end of the year I should have cracked it!

Event Time Position L40
5KMT 22:15 31 1 Riverside parkrun 5K Event 3 28-Jul-12
5KMT 22:15 24   Riverside parkrun 5K Event 5 11-Aug-12
5K 22:21 183 3 Sunderland 5K 18-Jul-12
5KMT 22:30 25 1 Riverside parkrun 5K Event 8 01-Sep-12
5000 22:48.3 7   North East Veterans' Pentathlon Championships (inc NECAA Pentathlon) 08-Sep-12
5KMT 22:59 66   Riverside parkrun 5K Event 1 14-Jul-12
5KMT 23:02 66 4 Watergate 5K (Inc NE Veterans' Champs) 30-Aug-12
5K 23:03 125 2 Wallsend Harriers Terry O'Gara Memorial 5K 22-Apr-12
5KNAD 23:23 134   Newcastle parkrun 5K Event 107 04-Feb-12
5KNAD 23:23 30 1 Gateshead parkrun 5K Event 10 28-Apr-12
5KMT 23:24 29 1 Riverside parkrun 5K Event 6 18-Aug-12
5KNAD 23:28 16 1 Gateshead parkrun 5K Event 3 03-Mar-12
5KMT 23:29 70   Whitley Bay parkrun 5K Event 1 16-Jun-12
5KNAD 23:30 21 1 Gateshead parkrun 5K Event 20 07-Jul-12
5KNAD 23:55 129   Newcastle parkrun 5K Event 103 07-Jan-12
5KNAD 23:58 17 1 Gateshead parkrun 5K Event 14 26-May-12
5KNAD 24:01:00 16 1 Gateshead parkrun 5K Event 16 09-Jun-12
5KNAD 24:14:00 26 1 Gateshead parkrun 5K Event 4 10-Mar-12
5KNAD 24:39:00 19   Gateshead parkrun 5K Event 7 31-Mar-12
5KMT 25:03:00 76   Sedgefield parkrun 5K Event 1 17-Mar-12
5KNAD 27:51:00 54   Gateshead parkrun 5K Event 1 18-Feb-12

I know I didn't manage to get under 22 mins last year either, but I was injured for a good portion of it, so hopefully it'll happen today, with a favourable tailwind in the last mile please!

Best of luck to everyone running, and of course to everyone doing the North Run tomorrow :D 

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