Sunday, 16 September 2012

Fantastic weekend of sport

It really doesn't get much better than this.

After the buzz of watching the elites competing at the Olympics & Paralympics it was my turn to get stuck into some sport over the weekend.  I was hoping for a decent time at the Great North 5k, but sadly the hills and wind put pay to it.  Nevermind.

After an initial promising start, the route took us along the south side of the river, which unlike the Newcastle side (totally flat), is more what hardened cross country folks like to call 'undualting' - though to anyone with half a brain would say a wee bit hilly.  It had more ups and downs than an Indiana Jones film.

I tried to stick it out with the fasters lasses, but my legs said 'sod off, you loon' and I just about pushed myself on with willpower alone to finish in a not-too-shabby (but ultimately poor) finishing time of 22:56

However, all was not lost with a super finishing position of 5th Lady! and 2nd over 40 which made the whole thing worth it.

A big well done to the ladies who finished ahead of me, and to Janette (first L60), Fred (second v70), John Iley, Tim (second v40), Steve (fourth v35) and Jason (fourth v40), who all ran too!

I met up with rkid, Pete, and Pixie for the Citygames on the quayside later on, which were great!  Good to see so many people out supporting the really fast lads & lasses.

Sunday, well, this is Great North Run day traditionally, and I must say I was really jealous of everyone I saw waiting for buses, and travelling to the start while I was heading west to play golf at my home club Tyneside.  I've had a great season of mixed golf, winning a few comps with Andy, and a win with one of his golfing buddies, Tony, last week (while Andy and the boys from Bristol came third in their comp at Alnmouth), but I've not had a great deal of success in our ladies medal competitions.

Well, today was a bit different.  I thought I'd rather be running the North Run when I finished the 1st with an 8, but the Red Arrows came flying past the course, on their way to do the traditional Tyne Bridge formation, and we saw the red white and blue trails, and I thought it was kind of inspiring.  So, I just got on with the rest of the round, trying not to drop too many shots on the rest of the round.

And...after months of trying..I managed to break 100, finishing with a net 65 whoohoo!

So here it is in black & white :D

Not bad since this is my first season playing with a handicap.

Actually...I'm over the moon

So...finished 5th lady, 2nd L40, broke 100, and won the comp.  I'd say that's a pretty bloody good weekend :)

Well done to the hundreds of friends who ran in the Great North Run today, especially to Pixie as it was his first, and he got the time he was hoping for, and to Peter from my running club group who knocked 5 minutes!!! off his pb to finish in 1:29:14, and Anne-Marie with her shiny new pb of 1:46:22

Well done to you all :D

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