Tuesday, 20 January 2009

From the inspired, to the insane

I hope I'm not the only one out there, and infact I know that there's at least a few Wink, who found Barack Obama's speech today simply inspiring. It seems like a dark cloud has been lifted from across the pond, and there's a blooming great big thousand kilowatt lightbulb that's been switched on. Let's hope that it's the beginning of something wonderful.

On that bright note I headed down to the club for tonight's session. 6 x 1000m, but I was kinda just bimbling up and down as I'm still officially injured. I managed four of the six at slightly more than a snails pace, with Mick (also injured). At least it's the winter though, so there's no road or track racing to be had, only the cross country, which could be classed as a training session anyways, I mean it's not like actually racing, more like a slog, or stamina event. Anyways, back to the session - it worked out at about 45 mins of running, which still isn't too bad.

Now to the insane....

On my way back from the club I had the misfortune of following some of the worst driving I've seen. I was behind a "blinged up chav-wagon" doing 40mph on a 70mph limit road as the unfortunate muppet driver drifted from one side of the lane to the other whilst attempting to steer and chat on his moblie at the same time. I'm sure I'm not the only one who wishes the cops were there at these moments to dole out some much needed driving advice Undecided, having attempted to use all three lanes at a roundabout he opted for the one to my right, and I spotted that his passenger beared more than a striking resemblance to the top Uruk Hai orc guy from the Lord of the Rings. It seems we do have some ethic diversity here afterall. This followed shortly by the "I'm turning right in three miles, so I'd better sit in the right hand lane" lady who was slower than all of the surrounding traffic.

What is it about my trips back home from the club that brings out all the mentalists.

I definitely could do with one of those red l.e.d. scrolling sign things for the van, or maybe just a loudhailer, or perhaps some kind of sixth sense which will let me know what folks are going to do next.

After all of that it's been a quirky day, the world lit up by Barack Obama, and the all of the drivers of the world milling about in their own little bubbles...me included.

All hail the White Van Woman Wink

Happy running folks!

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