Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Weekly round up

Thought I ought to do my weekly round up. Been pretty busy with work for the last month really, so I haven't been able to spend much time catching up with writing.

I seem to have got back on the horse with my running. I'm not doing any speedwork as yet, but at least I've actually managed to don my kit and get out there. It's a real stress buster and it's been a joy even just going out for a bit of a bimble.

So, since my last post (the encounter with the driving muppet), this is what I've been up to!

Thursday 22nd
Went down to the track, no chance of me doing an actual session yet, but I did manage over 3 miles in a not too unreasonable time.

Saturday 24th
Organised the North East Fetcheveryone 1 mile challenge at Monkton Stadium. I got down a wee bit early so managed a little bit of a bimble before folks turned up. I didn't actually take part in the race - I was doing the timekeeping, but everyone seemed to have a good run so it musta been a success Wink

Sunday 25th
Had planned on doing around 5 miles with the Jarrow & Hebburn crew, but was running a bit late and had to join them en-route, this meant I had to tag an extra mile to catch up then a mile once we'd finished the run. By the time I'd left them to run back to the car I was bloomin knackered. This was my longest run since the middle of November, so no wonder!

Monday 26th - Super Monday
Nothing to do with running at all as it happens. My sis invited me out to a evening at Newcastle Uni - mostly techie stuff, including a history of Flash (the web animation program), a chat about Linux, and a guy who did a presentation on Haskell programming language. I just about hung on to what the Haskell guy was taking about, for the first 15 mins or so, then I lost the post with a combination of tiredness, insufficient brain function and the distraction of the guy next to me sitting tapping away, Twittering on his i-phone Tongue out

When she told me the event was to be held at the Beehive, I must admit I did assume that was the name of a pub and was looking forward to a bevvy or two with the presentations, but even without the addition of drinkies it was a canny night. We had to dash off before the talk about OpenPandora which was a bit of a shame, but me and my sis were just too tired to stay any longer.

More info on Super Mondays here

Tuesday 27th
The training session was infact the club's 5k time trial which works on a handicap system - the slowest runners set off first, followed by others of increasing speed, untill the fastest guy goes last. Coach Jim was back in attendance - yay! I wasn't up for that kind off effort yet so we ran the course in the opposite direction then doubled back to meet the runners at the finish. Craig managed a super time (18.59 I think) followed by Peter who just scraped in a sub 20. I was wishing I'd have given it a bash, but I'm not sure I'm up for it yet.

Wednesday 28th
Just about to head off for a nice steady 5 and a bit miler. It's a bit chilly out there tonight but at least it's not blowing a hoolie or lashing down ;)

This will be my lowest mileage month since 2005 (discounting December where I didn't manage a single mile), but at least I'm on the mend, and I hope to be back up to good form for the spring!

Happy running folks Laughing

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