Saturday, 17 January 2009

Where's my mojo hiding?

Have been trying to keep my spirits up, but I think my mojo is spread a bit thin at the moment. In the whole of December and January I've managed a whopping eleven miles of running. Nothing to be sniffed at eh Wink. I'm trying to stay positive, but some days I wake up and my ankle is as dodgy as ever.

Was going to attempt a run tomorrow, then a trip to the pool, but by the looks of things it's going to be pretty miserable out there, it could be worse of course, I could be on the west coast which looks like it's going to take the brunt of the storm. By the time it makes it over the Pennines it'll have lost some momentum, but even so, the forcast still looks bleak.

Will see how cosy my bed is when I wake up lol!

I'll do a round up anyways, I have managed to don my trainers a couple of times at least...

Thursday - Track "session", involving a 2k warm up, then a 3.2k bimble. 10 min mile pace - looking good for the vets XC champs in a couple of weeks hehehe...could come in a whole 10 mins slower than my pb for 5k *chortle*

Tuesday - Hill work.....for the rest of the group Wink and a bimble up and down with Alan for me. Ankle actually felt ok, but I was bloomin' knackered...that'll be the effects of 8 Christmas dinners (not on one day thankfully), and no running for a month and a half. Gone from lean, mean running machine, to 'blimey who's arse is that' Undecided

Was feeling pretty low, but the story of hero Sully Sullenberger's amazing courage and skill, really cheered me up. Now that guy deserves some kind of commendation, the more footage and info you see, the more amazing it becomes. What an inspiration!

Will be thinking of him when I attempt to go for my run tomorrow. With any luck I'll be back with a super duper report covering every footfall, route, points of interest and the local shrubbery....if not I'll spare you folks the details of me snuggled up in bed Wink

Keep on smiling!!

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