Sunday, 12 April 2009

North Tyneside 10k 2009 & Elswick Good Friday races

Morning Campers :)

Just about recovered from yesterday enough to write a report. First on the menu was North Tyneside 10k, a nice little stroll from the Parks sport centre in North Shields to St Marys Lighthouse. I picked up one of my running partners, Craig, at 8:30 and had an easy drive through the tunnel to the start.

Met up with Mr SJ from North Shields Poly club, then went for a warm up in the park - the weather was glorious - not a cloud in the sky, and next to no wind (unlike last years blizzard conditions). Saw a few more folks from the RW forums & Fetch Everyone for a bit of a natter, then another quick warm up and head to the start. Saw a few more of my Jarrow & Hebburn clubmates, and tucked in for a canny starting position.

I had a fairly steady race, after last weeks slow pace at the Sanddancer 10k, I was hoping for something a lot quicker yesterday. It wasn't quite up to spec, but I'm still not recovered from my ankle injury. Anyways, went through the first mile in 6:24 (obviously far too quick, but who wasn't with that big drop), then pulled it back for 2 @ 14:14, happy enough with my 5k time 22:22, but then fatigue started to set in.

Jenny from Heaton passed by me just after 5k, and she dragged me along to the 4 mile marker, was hoping to stick with her for the rest of the race, but I was too hot, and I could have done with the water station this year with it being so warm, even though I normally don't bother in a 10k. Rachel from J&H passed me at 4 miles too, was suprised it took her so long tbh ;)

The last two miles were a bit of a slog, but I had a mini race going on with three guys, we kept passing each other then someone else would take the lead. Managed a bit of a sprint into the finish, but didn't stop my watch, I do remember seeing it was around 46:40ish - over 30 seconds quicker than last week which I'm pleased about, now I just have to figure out where my other 3 minutes have gone.

Looking forward to trying to get my fitness back for Clive Cookson 10k - a super fast 10k course, where I got my pb of 43:50

The goody bag was super as ever

Spent the rest of Easter Sunday playing golf with my hubby and walking the dogs - was so worn out by the time we got home I chucked in the towel and went to bed at 8 ;)

Elswick Good Friday races

Maybe I should have done this one two days before the NT10k, but I actually managed to pull a ladies team together, which is almost unheard of in my club ;) This wasn't to say it was without it's problems, with one girl pulling out on the Thursday night, and me giving Helen a bit of an emergency phone call to fill in for us. Still, we got there, got our team registered, and did a wee bit of a warm up before we set off on the 2.28 mile course. The weather couldn't have been better - sunny with a slight breeze. My plan was just to try and stick with Gail & Helen for as long as possible, without going off far too fast.

Mission accomplished. Gail was ahead of me by three or four places for most of the race, and Helen passed by just after the halfway mark. I managed to hang on to her (not literally of course), for most of the rest of the race, finishing in just over 16 mins. Will have exact times when the results are published. Was pretty pleased with our team effort, though we were nowhere near the prizes, at least we got out there ;)

No photo's from either race I'm afraid, unless I manage to trawl the net around and dig one or two up.

I've got work today, but this afternoon I should get off a little early, so I'm gonna try and do a recovery run.

Happy running folks!

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