Friday, 17 April 2009

Track Session

After Tuesday's disaster on the roads with my frankly far too slow 5k, I was determined to try and finish the club track session on Thursday. I normally, well I say normally, and I mean since I did my ankle in, try to complete as much of the session as I can, then give up and sit and watch the others finish it off. This has lead to me doing between 50 and 60% of whatever is on offer, or missing out reps to try and recover.

Having talked to Helen and Alan about doing the Newcastle Marathon, she said that a good start would to be to finish the whole session on Thursday. She did have a good point - if I couldn't get round the track for 45 mins, what chance did I have of making it round five laps of the Town Moor

She also mentioned that if I pulled back the speed on the reps, I'd have more of a chance of making it round. This is a bit of what my main problem with the track is - I always shoot off like a whippet at full tilt, then I run out of steam.

So armed with my mission *giggles*, I decided to do a canny warm up with Mick & Graeme, then do whatever coach Jim had in store for us.

16 x 400, 90 seconds recovery


I tried the first rep at less than normal pace, was comfortable enough and got round in 1:53, a damn sight slower than some of my rep times for last year to be honest, but I guess it's a bit like starting over. Decided on 1:50 as a target time, and aim to get to within two seconds either way.

1:53, 1:47, 1:50, 1:47, 1:49, 1:49, 1:49, 1:48, 1:50, 1:50, 1:49, 1:49, 1:51, 1:48, 1:47, 1:49

Took me the first few to get into a rhythm, but after than I was pretty pleased, especially since I was sure I was going to fade off after 12. Looking at my times for last year I was averaging 1:33 a rep for 400m, but I'm still happy enough.

So one track session complete!

Everyone else was far quicker, but that doesn't really matter at this stage - gotta get myself fit first

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