Saturday, 4 April 2009

Well, where to start...I haven't had much of a chance to do an update, and hence the race report is more than a week overdue. I had to get it our this morning though, as I have Sanddancer 10k at 11am, and didn't want to turn this into an epic update ;)

I've been incredibly busy with work, and all my free time seems to be spent running, or grinding rep for my hunter on WoW (no idea? - check here), I've not had much chance to do that either to be honest, but hopefully the light nights, and a reduction in workload should help things somewhat.

Back to the race ;)

I actually really enjoyed it, despite the fact it was 'blowing a hooligan', in fact the windiest conditions I've ever raced in (something like 38mph +gusts according the the weather peeps). but the ground was firm, and it wasn't raining. Used lap one as a bit of a warm up, trying not to take off like a whippet and burn myself out. Then lap two was a catch-up, trying to make up lost ground. The whole race was really just a training exercise, as I'm definitely not up to pace yet and my stamina is still shocking.

Finishing position was a not-too-bad 51st (made it onto page one of the provisional results lol) in a not too bad time of 29:45, though my fastest time for the course is 28:21 in much muddier conditions, so I really need to up my game for next season.

Full race results here

One other distraction in my week was an interesting find whilst walking the dogs at work. No, I know the dog walker always finds a body, but it was a little less gruesome....A life buoy. It had been washed up on one of the shores at Bill Quay, so I fished it out and a couple of calls later had arranged to drop it off after work Laughing

Vicki - Swingbridge

Me and my sis went up on the off chance we'd get a look-see round the engine room, and we weren't dissapointed! We got the full guided tour, including a history of the bridge and a peek down the 60ft drop of the battery on the west side. It's a real feat of engineering. Many thanks to Swing Bridge engineer George Fenwick for showing us around

Swing Bridge

More Swing Bridge info on the Port of Tyne site

Other than that, my folks 40th wedding anniversary, Great Aunt's 88th birthday, and my brother in law's 30th birthday, it's been a quiet week

Hoping for a canny run today - it's the first spring 10k, so a bit of a tester of how well (or badly) my fitness had improved. I've got a fair few races penciled in for the spring/summer, so I need to be doing well.

Last, but by no means least - a very big thank you to Melanie at Nova, who sorted out my muppetry with the Great North 10k - you're a star!

See y'all later for this morning's race report ;)

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