Friday, 29 May 2009

....So there I was, doing my monthly blitz of the paperwork on my desk, when I came across my race diary. I know I should look at these things a bit more often than I do, but I have little enough free time as it is without updating all my training every night. Once a week or even two weeks is good enough when the garmin stores all the info for me, or my system of times and dates on post-it notes scattered around the general vicinity of the desk seems to work out

most of the time :S

so, back to my monthly blitz...

I happened across my race diary, then clocking that it was the 29th today, and not some random other date, I realised that I have a race this weekend...eeeek. This near state of panic is normally avoided when the organisers send out race numbers, but this is a 'collect on the night' so I'm totally unprepared. This after a fairly harsh week training wise, and me telling my running companions that I'd be out for a fourteen miler this Sunday coming.

The race is the Watergate trail race, approx 10k. Just thinking that I may be able to squeeze in the odd mile or two here and there as a warm up, but it's not going to bounce up to 14 by any stretch of the imagination. I've had to rule out Monday for a long run too, it's the Vet's track league, so I'll be doing the 800m or the 3000m or both, I don't really know yet. I guess it'll come down to how knackered I am on the night.

Anyways, back to this weeks training.

This ended up being my long run day. Big mistake as far as the session on Tuesday was concerned, but I did manage 13.3 miles in 2:05 which isn't too shabby. I went out before 7am and still started to roast by the time I got back.

5k time trial. I had a feeling it was going to be the time trial, but I couldn't fit my long run in any other time, so I was worn out by the Tuesday night. Excuses out of the way I did ask for a minute extra head start (which was laughed out of the window Wink) so I set off kind of in the middle group. Everyone had left me by the time we'd got out of the village, and then the fast lads passed me on Mill Lane. I wasn't really struggling to be honest, it was just that my legs wouldn't go as fast as I wanted them to. I knew I was last by the time we passed by the Lakeside pub, but again I didn't have enough leg speed to catch little Jimmy.

Came in in my super slow time of 25:15....shocking really, and the second time in a row I've been last.

After a night off running due to work, I felt in fine form for Coach Jim's evil Thursday track session. I've been told to 'get used to the miles' and the session was a bit of a killer. 4 x 1 mile, 150m walk, 50 jog recovery. After a bit of a whippet like first rep little Jimmy suggested I needed a drugs test lol, but I managed to tame it down for the next three and earned myself a pat on the back - cheers Jim!

Finishing times: 7:07, 7:37, 7:37, 7:45

pretty pleased with those times, would have liked a bit quicker on the later reps, but overall I'm a happy bunny, and it makes up for Tuesday Wink

So, I'm going to take today & tomorrow as rest days before the fun starts again on Sunday morning!

Happy running folks Laughing

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