Thursday, 30 July 2009

Weekly round up

It's been a bit of an interesting week or so since I did my unintentional 18 miler. I think the run really took things out of me, but by the Monday night I was at the track and ready to compete in my last veteran's track meeting of the season. With being on hols for the next one I did want to make a bit of a go of it, so I entered the 800 & 3000m.

The 800m was a warm up, tester race to see how I felt after running 18 miles the day before, and to be fair my legs didn't actually feel too bad, sure I was much slower than I'm capable of, but didn't feel completely drained, which means I must have had at least something left in the bag for my marathon.

The problems came with the massive gap between races. My 800m finished, then because of other events, and the British Milers club events, then was an hour and a quarter before the 3000m. This meant that the race didn't get going till 8:45pm. By this time the sun had dropped below the trees and the temperature seemed to plummet, and during my warm up with Mick I was starting to shiver. Thinking this was just a minor thing I just got on with it and did the race (in my worst time in two years). By the finish I was feeling decidedly under the weather.

Distance/Time : 800m - 3:25.6, 3000m - 14:14.9

By the time I got home I couldn't get warm, even with a bath and two hot coffees I was still freezing, had a sore throat and my head was thumping. Two double duvets on the bed made no difference whatsoever, so it was back in the bath to try and warm up. Conclusion...Piglet Flu Wink.

I actually don't think I had the real thing, it was prolly just one of the summer bugs that are flying around, but I deffo couldn't run for a few days, and missed Sunderland 5k Cry.

Fortunately I'd recovered enough by Sunday (after five days off running), to do my long run, and what a cracker to make up for the rest of the week. I did one large, one small lap & a bit or Hebburn, Jarrow, Wardley & Pelaw, with Alan, Helen, & Jim. The conditions were great, glorious sunshine, but not too hot.

Distance/Time : 14.5 miles - 2:00:34

Tuesday saw a bit of a 'return to form' ... We were on the slagheap park, 3/4 of a full lap (around 1220m) x 6. I worked hard and managed to stay just 100m behind Rachel for each lap - pretty pleased with that to be honest.

Distance/Time : .76m x6 - 5:13, 5:31, 5:33, 5:39, 5:53, 5:38 (300 jog recovery)

Wednesday was our usual York Avenue - Mill Lane - Victoria Road route. Just me Alan & Helen, had a canny run despite the rain

Distance/Time : 5.76m - 45:06

Thursday - track session. Was feeling a bit tired after work, and I had the session via text, so I really wasn't looking forward to it. The wind picked up by the time I got to Monkton too (excuses out of the way first Wink). But once I got warmed up I felt a bit more up for it. The session was 4 x 1 mile, with 400m jog recovery. The first was a little too fast, and the last a little slow, but I was happy enough with my efforts.

Distance/Time : 1m x 4 - 7:20, 7:37, 7:41, 7:52

So, the total mileage for the month is 113m - not my highest this year, but not too bad considering a few weeks where I haven't been able to run during the week for whatever reason. I'm off diving next week too, so that knocks a couple of long runs on the head, but hopefully my marathon training won't suffer too much for it.

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