Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Bike stuff & running stuff

I'll start with the bike stuff.

After a pretty hairy time on the bike last week I was kind of thinking that it would take some kind of act of god for me to be able to improve enough to take part in the triathlon next year, but I decided to give it another go this morning.

After I got the lads vans loaded up and they set off I got the bike out and wen't for a bit of a bimble around the warehouse again. The dog was loving it - trying to leap onto my lap, but once he realised he was actually getting a really good run-around, he set off ahead of me and I was able to do some laps.

So (and I know this is very slow, but I'm rubbish at the mo), it was seven laps at around 300m per lap, in 8 minutes - bearing in mind that I had to slow down for the bends, and to avoid colliding with the hound. That's 6:09 mile pace - 9.75mph (and I did my 200s on the track quicker last week) but it's a start.

On with the running stuff...

Tonight was the club 5k time trial - the conditions were perfect, and we had a pretty good turn out. I was set off after Alan & Helen (30secs?) so my aim was to try and catch up. I caught sight of them as we left the village, but it took me all the way past the Lakeside pub to catch up. I was literally only metres behind them for a good mile, but didn't seem to have that bit of oomph to get me there. Once I did catch up, Alan took up the pace and motored past me again. Brian came flying by with Peter hot on his heels. I was tiring, but managed to make it through to the finish in under 23 mins which was my goal.

Distance: 5k, time: 22:47, pace: 7:20

Not too unhappy with that to be honest - it's pretty much on par with the last couple of parkruns I've done (22:44 & 22:41) on a much tougher course. Smile

Well done to everyone tonight - and a special well done to Peter for going sub 20 mins for the first time!

Friday, 11 December 2009

Goals, races, training and the year so far

Morning Campers Laughing

Well it's coming up to that time of year where you start to think about next year's targets, and how you've done this year. I'll start with the year so far, then crack on with my list of goals for 2010.

2009 - year of the sicknote Wink

I had a pretty rubbish year to be honest, starting in January & February with the ligaments in my ankle - couldn't run properly till March. Since then I've had two bouts of flu which had me laid up in bed, and a chest infection. It's not all bad though. I managed to crack my 1 mile & 10 mile pbs, and I survived my first marathon (even if I was disappointed with the time). I couldn't get close with my 5k & 10k times, but given that I started my marathon training in June I only really had a few 10ks which I entered this year.

Another good thing to come out of 2009 was the addition of the Sunderland Parkrun, I've done two so far (because of work and pulling my back), but I'm hoping that next year they should serve as a good fitness gauge.

2010 - year of the triathlon Laughing

I'm really looking forward to doing my first tri, I've now been out on a bike (after a 24 year break), and did manage to do a few laps inside the warehouse at work once I'd got the hang of it (and Andy let go of the seat Embarassed). The cycling is gonna be the toughest part, but I've got 8 months to train for it, and it'll be a sprint tri - 400m swim, 20k bike, 5k run, so even if I'm totally rubbish at the bike at least it's not a huge distance to try and cover.

I've also got some canny race time goals for next year too - keeping my running fitness up.

  • Sub 2:55 800m (pb 2:56)
  • Sub 5:40 1500m (pb 5:49)
  • Sub 6 mile (pb 6:09)
  • 12min 3k (pb 12:23)
  • want to get as close to 20:10 as possible over 5k (pb 21:07)
  • 43:30 for 10k (pb 43:50)

I'd also like to crack 1:14:00 for 10 miles at Tynedale in September (pb 1:14:04), but I'm not worried if I don't

Races for 2010

I'm entered for the Resolution Run 10k on New Years day - 10k on the Town Moor again, not sure I'll be loving or hating it but at least it's only two small laps and not five big ones. I lost my shoe in a bog the last time I did it, so I may have to tape them onto my feet, or give my xc spikes a go if it's really muddy.

I've also got my entry in for the North Tyneside 10k - one of my favourite races along the coast from North Shields to St Marys lighthouse. That one is on Easter Sunday.

Other than those I'm hoping to do these:

  • 9th Jan - NEHL 2 (cross country) at Cramlington
  • 30th Jan - NEHL 3 (xc) at the Town Moor (lol not again...'ware the moor)
  • 13th Feb - NEHL 4 (xc) at Wrekenton
  • 20th Feb - NEHL 5 (xc) at South Shields
  • 6th March - Royal Signals Relays (if I can get a team from the Jarrow & Hebburn ladies)
  • 27th March - NEHL 6 (xc) at Prudhoe
  • 4th April - North Tyneside 10k
  • 11th April - Sanddancer 10k multi terrain
  • 18th April - Rising Sun 5m (Wallsend)

I'll also do the Pier to Pier depending on the date, Clive Cookson 10k, and the Sunshine Run 5k in July. This leads me up nicely to my choice of two sprint tris in August - the T&W Fire Brigade Hebburn tri, and the Sun Tri in Ponteland. I'm pretty sure that the Hebburn one fills up pretty quickly, so I'll have to be on my toes getting the entry form in.

Training - back down to earth now for a training update from this week

After picking up that silly back injury last week I was sensible - listened to my training gurus (Alan, Helen, Jim and Mick) and took a week off. It's done me the world of good, and with the assistance of a microwavable heat pack (thanks for the heads up on that one Mick) I'm now almost fixed! Laughing

Tuesday 8th saw me back at the club for a pretty swift training session on Wood Terrace. Anti clockwise round to the roundabout (.42 miles average for each rep) 200 jog recovery
3:02, 3:00, 2:54, 2:46, 2:46, 2:43

total distance:2.52 miles, 17:11 (6:49 pace)

Wednesday 9th - usual Wednesday bimble - shorter route cause I was bloomin' knackered Embarassed

Thursday 10th - track session:

17 x 200 - 3 man 10k relay, this was first proper track session since my marathon and I was feeling good.

First rep was pretty slow till Jim said "these are supposed to be fast" lol, but I got progressively faster finishing on 39 secs for the last 200.

total distance 3400m 12:55 (6:07 pace)

Apologies for the epic post, but some inconsiderate so & sos stomped down the back lane shouting at each other at 3:45am Yell So I've been awake for bloody ages Frown Hoping to get a bit of a nap at some point this morning.

Happy running folks!

Friday, 4 December 2009

Bloody Christmas tree lights

I love Christmas, let me say that before we start, I guess I have to seeing as my Christmas starts with my first delivery at the end of August. So it's no wonder that I have to get into the spirit of things and put my tree up early. Actually not as early as some, but two weeks into November is early enough for me.

So (you're wondering what the point of my ramblings are right), I've had my tree lights switched on and off for the last three weeks no problem, then as soon as I start to feel fit and ready to get back into training, bang goes a muscle in my back switching the sodding things off.

It's so frustrating, especially with how good I was feeling after Farringdon xc. I just wanna get out there, but after a couple of test-bimbles on Tuesday & Wednesday I've had to give up the idea as a bad 'un. I was hoping to do the Sunderland Parkrun this weekend too, but that'll have to go on hold for the next two weeks now.


Oh, on another note

George has put some Newcastle Marathon footage on YouTube (see here), This musta been before I lost the will to live on lap five, as I'm still moving and lying in 4th place. I'm still annoyed with myself for not trying harder, but it's done now, and I'm already thinking about what to do next year.

I thought I'd have a go at triathlon.

There's one organised by Tyne & Wear Fire Brigade in Hebburn (near where I do all my running training), so it'd be rude not to take part Wink. Though I haven't been on a bike since I had my paper round in 1985 or 86 (It was many many moons ago), so god knows what kind of cyclist I'd make, but seeing that I'm willing to give almost anything a go I was thinking 'why the hell not' Laughing

Will keep you folks posted on my biking efforts, if nothing else they may earn me two hundred & fifty quid for looking stupid on You've Been Framed Undecided

Happy running people!