Sunday, 24 January 2010

January's back to fitness regime

Hi folks Laughing
It's great to be back out there running!
After over a month of sitting about on my behind watching telly and eating too much, I finally got myself into gear and went back to the running club. It wasn't that I had an injury, or had even lost my mojo, it was just a combination of work, icy bad weather, and the dark nights which kept me tucked up at night on the sofa, instead of being out there with my trainers on.

So, what better way to get back on track than to set a few goals for the year.

After my holiday in Malta (and the aftermath of my marathon training) I'd put on a few pounds, so the first thing on the list was to shed a few unwanted pounds of excess baggage. I'd somehow managed to get myself up to 10st 4lbs Embarassed, so I've joined my namesake's (another Vicki Thompson) weight loss thread on the Runners World forums.

1st January : 10st 4lbs
8th January : 9st 13lbs
15th January: 9st 12lbs
22nd January: 9st 12lbs I know it isn't going very quickly, but at least it's heading in the right direction

Second on the list was basically a return to fitness.

Lest I end up with an arse the size of a planet I really needed to get out there. I started on the 12th (due to work etc) but I've managed to stick with it so far. I know that once I get going I'll be fit in no time.

Tue 12th
Warm up - 2m 20:00 10min/mile 6mph
Hill session
2.8m 20:00 7:09min/mile 8.4 mph
Pool session 0.37m 16:00 43:15min/mile 1.39 mph

Thu 14th
Warm up - 2m 17:00 8:30min/mile 7.06 mph
Track Session - 2.49m 18:03 7:15min/mile 8.28 mph (4 x 1000) 4:27, 4:58, 4:39, 4:39

Sat 16
Newcastle Parkrun 5k - 3.11m 23:23 7:31min/mile 7.98 mph

Mon 18
1hr of aerobics & circuits

Tue 19th
Warm up - 3.75m 35:00 9:20min/mile 6.43 mph
Jarrow & Hebburn 5k time trial - 3.11m 23:15 7:29min/mile 8.03 mph

Wed 20th
Short Wednesday run - 3.73m 31:00 8:19min/mile 7.22 mph

Sat 23rd
Sunderland Parkrun - 3.11m 23:13 7:28
min/mile 8.04 mph

Sun 24th

Longish run - 8.5m 1:13:11 8:37min/mile 6.97mph

So not too shabby this week - 5k times seem to be heading in the right direction, though I still have another 2 minutes to knock off to get back on target.

Not sure if I'll be doing the Town Moor cross country, but I'll be there to do the results so I can see if I have time on the day - otherwise I may try and do the Parkrun in the morning, then just hang about for a couple of hours.

Happy running folks!

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