Sunday, 30 May 2010

Pier to Pier, Clive Cookson 10k, & Sunderland Parkrun

Okay, Okay...I know I've been a bit lacking in recent updates, but I have been really really busy with work recently, so I do have a reasonable excuse. I need to keep myself in pennies for all my race entries ;)

I do have a couple of race updates though, so I'll crack on with the reports:

Sunderland Strollers: Pier to Pier (7miles)

Again the Stollers must have said their prayers to the sun gods as there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Temperature was perfect with a light westerly breeze, excellent conditions for the run. I'd decided to wear my innov8s with the beach & grass sections which turned out to be a good choice, they had just enough cushioning for the promenade section and excellent grip for the sand on the beach. I set off pretty steady, and just aimed to keep a canny pace throughout. I did manage to pick it up for the last 2 miles passing more than 20 runners, but my initial pace must have been a bit too slow as my time really didn't come close to my time from 2008 of 50:44.

Finishing time: 54:06 (5th L35) full results here

Clive Cookson 10k

Wow...don't think I've ever ran in more humid conditions. It's an excellent race with really good PB potential (if you're fit), but with the Pier to Pier still in my legs I couldn't really give this race the effort it deserved. I got there in plenty of time to warm up, and felt ok before the race, but I kind of flagged just after 5k (22:49) and the second 5k was a bit of a struggle. I'm working on getting back to form though, so hopefully I'll have a better crack at this one next year. PB for this race is 43:52 so I was a bit dissapointed with my time.

Finishing time: 46:15 (3rd L35) full results here

Sunderland Parkrun 5k

I had a couple of days off after CC10k to rest and nurse a bit of a bruised ankle (not sure how or when I did that), but I thought with the continuing heat which was forecast I'd ditch all attempts at a long run this weekend and concentrate on just doing a couple of tick-over runs. I popped over to Sunderland and it was pushing 22 degrees even at 9am. I thought I'd just give the run my best shot and run steady.

By about 3k I'd caught the lady in front of me, but she pushed on once I caught her, and I couldn't match her efforts. She managed to get away by 3.5k and I aimed just to hold onto my current position. I came through the finish as third lady in a not too bad time. On the results though I'm down as being 1st Lady - this isn't the case, but the two ladies who finished ahead of me mustn't have been registered. I'll not count it as a victory, hopefully the two involved will get their times sorted out.

Finishing time: 23:22 (3rd Lady (1st Lady) 1st L35) full results here

Other than those three races I haven't done a lot recently - I did play golf on Sunday which was fun (at the TeeTime @ Tyneside event), and I did manage to get to the club last night for half the session - my ankle was niggling a little so I decided to cut it short. It seems to be worse going downhill and doesn't really hurt at all on the flat or uphill.

Tuesday session - 3 mile warm up 26:20, 3 x 1000m - 4:04, 4:14, 4:16

I'm in two minds whether to do 3k on the track tonight at Monkon as there's an athletics meeting on - will have to see how I feel later on!

Happy running folks :D

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