Monday, 3 January 2011

2010 Review, races & results

2010 wasn't the greatest year for me running-wise for be quite honest.  I kind of lost my enthusiasm after the Townmoor Marathon in the November of 2009 and didn't really recover it till well into the year.  I also forgot what it was like to do any kind of distance after the mind-numbing boringness of the laps, leaving me with a longest run of 6 or so miles by June.  This didn't really set me in good stead for Tynedale 10 or the Great North Run, but I'd opted for fancy dress in the latter anyway, so a decent time really didn't matter.

Duffed up races I ran last year:
Any of the numerous 5k's I participated in.  The closest I managed to a decent time was 22:15 at Sunderland parkrun in April, still a over minute outside my pb.  Tynedale came in at an abysmal 1:19, and of course the GNR at 1:59, though in fairness that was a bloody good time in a ballgown.

Average runs, stuff I'm fairly happy with:
Hartlepool Marina 5 Mile  36:53, WAVA - 67.26% (Age grading percentage) (5 mile pb 36:02)
Blaydon Race  5.9M   43:04, WAVA - 68.47%
Sand Dancer 10k (trail race) 45:25, WAVA - 68.38% (10k pb 43:50)
Fetch North East 1 Mile Challenge (8)  6:21, WAVA - 68.53%

Highlights of the year: 
Well, I didn't drop the short speedwork, so my track times well pretty decent.  I managed to do a few of canny performances over 200, 300, 400 and 800m at the vet's athletics meetings at Monkton and the North East Senior league.

200m: 34.8,  WAVA - 62.34%
300m: 54.8,  WAVA - 71.31%
400m: 73.5, WAVA - 70.33% (unofficial as part of a relay)
400m: 78.8,  WAVA- 65.82%
800m: 2:56, WAVA - 64.97%

According to the powerof10 webbie I managed UK rankings in the V35 age category of the following:
UK Rankings

Everything over 800m was pretty slow to be honest, which will hopefully be rectified by the increases in mileage this year. 

One good thing about the Townmoor marathon is that I now know a couple of things:
a) I can get round 26.2 miles, even if I do have to walk the last six
b) I need to keep fit & healthy, and put in the training
c) I now have a target time to aim for
and d) London will have more support, stuff to look at, it can't possibly be as cold or windy.

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