Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Hills, Cross country, and Waistlines

Morning Campers,

It's been an interesting few days sportswise for me, starting on Friday.  After I bottled out of Thursday's track session because of the weather, I was feeling a bit guilty, so I had planned to do something around the 18 mile mark on Friday afternoon.  Alas it was still blowing a hooligan, so in the words of the mighty Bette Davis: "Rules are made to be broken. At least mine are, by me".  So the planned 18 miler went out of the window, and I opted for a swift 10 miler, with a savage 3 mile warm down back home into the wind.

Pretty pleased with the time any way - 1:17:17, which is just a bit slower than my 10 mile race pace.  I'm sure the wind helped of course, but it was more than made up for having to run back up the hill with it in my face.

Saturday saw the 5th in this season's North East Harrier League, held at Shibdon Pond by Blaydon Harriers.  It was nice to see that the chicanes up and down the hill made it back in to the course this year, and it wasn't a total mudfest, just soft enough underfoot to make best use of my spikes.  Finished in 28:19, a good 2 mins slower than I've ran the course before, but that was 2008, or 07 (a while ago anyhow), and I'm happy with the pace, which I think was over a 6k course.

Results didn't go quite as smoothly, but I am hoping to get the U13 girls mix up sorted before this weekend, so I can get the grand prix points sorted out, and the Davison Shield results mailed out to people.

Sunday saw a decent recovery run of four and a bit miles, before my best round of golf so far.  Andy did some fantastic shots himself, but I was really pleased with how I'm progressing having managed to get my first ever 2 on the 9th.  Long may it continue.

Monday, was going to just do a steady 5k, but the weather was lovely and we shot back up to Tyneside for another round of golf.  Managed 13 holes before sunset, it seemed as if spring had well and truely sprung!

Last night was the return of the dreaded Springfield Hill session.  I say dreaded as it doesn't seem overly popular, but it's actually my favourite club session.  The 4 and a bit mile run up and down the same hill 12 times isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I enjoy it (in a semi masochistic style), as it's a good test of endurance.

Got round in my best time since October '09, in 32:10.  Considering I barely managed it in 34:42 in November last year, it appears that all of this training is doing the world of good.  Frankie & David Mills we're well away on lap 2, but I managed to hold out for all 12 reps at a pretty even pace, catching all but Helen by lap 10.  Just got to keep my fitness going now for the next 4 or 5 weeks, then hopefully I'll be sitting with a big smile on my face after race day.

The other effect of all of this running seems to have been a reduction in my waistline - which can only be heralded as a good thing.  Started the year a good 2" bigger than I am now, and although I've only lost a couple of pounds, the inches are definitely dropping off.  Big up the marathon training!

Happy running folks


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