Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Track, track, track

Wow, it's been bloomin' ages since I did an update.  Things haven't stood still, I'm still training, but there's been the mad Father's Day rush on at work, and a bunch of other real life things that have intruded on my internet time.  But here I am back on track as it were, with a few cracking sprint distance races - Who knew eh ;)

In a nutshell...I've not done a long run in bloody ages it seems, but I am training still, just all sessions and shorter runs.

Decided not to do Redcar Half after a fairly disastrous run at the Pier to Pier basically cause I'm a bit of an unfit lay-a-bout at the mo ;) 

Recent highlights
June 21st - Summer solstice madness from the Darklord Jim with 5 x 1200m 60 seconds recovery.  Thankfully the Mighty Mick the Machine was back in action, dragging me round to some canny times: 5:24, 5:28, 5:22, 5:19, 5:19 - tough session, but the aim was to try and get all of the reps within a few seconds of the first one.

June 20th - Veteran's Track League meeting @ Monkton Stadium.  Managed to somehow get myself round the 800m despite my ever useless warm up running from the results box to the start line.  Still got a canny time 3:03.4 (and felt like I was gonna see my lunch again at the finish)  then with a better warm up later in the night had a decent run in the 300m, just pipping Elizabeth from Houghton through to 3rd place in 55.1 - whoohoo!

Just finished compiling the results so they should be available tomorrow (22nd June)

gonna skip back to the last meeting now
on June 6th - Vet's athletics again, 400m in 78.7 and for me a new personal best in the 200m with 34.4 - yay!!  now if I could only translate that 200m speed to 300m or 400m.

Not sure why the shorter stuff is going so well, but I'm not complaining.  I'm hoping to have another crack at both the 200m and 300m before the season is finished - lets see if I can smash my pbs for both.

On a wholly unrelated note - Golf is going pretty well too (apart from a fairly disastrous 10 hole comp last weekend which I'm gonna put down to the ghastly weather), it's coming on a treat.  I even managed 19 points in the first 9 on a bit of a knock about after work last week with Andy - sweet!

Diving - Got a long weekend coming up off sunny Sunderland, and I've ordered new twin 7 300bar cylinders with MDE valves for the job.  I'm sure to be posting some really boring nerdy cylinder pics when they arrive!

With all this sport going on it's a wonder I've got time for owt else, but if the lottery gods are listening; a small to medium win which would allow me to retire would be most appreciated.  I'd quite happily fill my days with running, diving or golf in equal measures!

Happy bimbling folks!

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