Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Valley View

My least favourite session, this involves reps around Valley View park in Jarrow.

It's a lovely park, there's a play area for the kids, basketball/football courts etc, and some lovely flowers, and a sweet little stream (the Don - Tyne tributary) running through the middle of it.  There even used to be a paddling pool there (when I was a kid).  All in all a beautiful place to be.

Sounds pretty idyllic right?

Unless you're running

There's a one lap route around the park, which takes in the top path by the play area, to the edge of the park, then down Butcher's Bridge road, back up into the park, up past the parkies house, then up and down the North path, down to the stream, and back up to the South West corner.  It's hideous.

Not just because as you're climbing back up the path from the stream at the finish, you can see nothing but the path (It's that steep), but also because of the swarms of little flies you have to try and hold your breath as you run though the North path, or the overpowering sickly smell from the roses on the South path.

I think that Evil Coach Darth Jim may have been doing that kind of 'Muhahaha' evil genius laugh when this route was devised, because it just doesn't improve, no matter how many times you run round it.

Anyways, down to business.

The session was 5 times round (and yes there were cries of protest at the number), with 90 seconds recovery, with the aim of doing all of the laps in a consistent time.  I managed to stick with Micky rapidly-returning-to-form Joyce for pretty much the whole session, though I did lose it on the last bank on the last two reps.

5:01, 5:02, 4:56, 5:05, 5:06

Not quite sure what happened on lap three, but I'm not complaining at the timings.

Well done to Peter, Frankie, Mick, Anne-Marie, Helen, Barry, & Rachel - Go Team Jarrow!  - at least the portion of the crew who haven't swanned off to Spain to go to the horse racing ;)

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