Friday, 16 September 2011

Swimming is the new running

Well, it is at the moment.

I've definitely got plantar facsiitis, which is a real bummer as it took me months to recover last time.  Still, I'm feeling optimistic having got myself a Strasbourg sock on the recommendation of Alyson Dixon (Chester-le-Street & Team GB athlete), and it really seems to be helping.

It's a bit like foot bondage you wear in bed, only slightly less glamourous.  Working by stretching the tendon while you're asleep, by keeping your foot flexed all night.

Check it out here: Physioroom

So, I'm determined to be sensible (shock horror!), and get the thing sorted before returning to the track or roads.  This has seem me using the newly refurbished Birtley Swimming Centre, which isn't ideal for swimming in a straight line (dodging random older people and kids) but I'm not keeping times at the minute, so going the long way round is just fine. 

The pool itself is lovely, and at least I'm getting some kind of exercise.  I did briefly consider cycling, but then remembered the last effort, and how I've forgotten how to ride a bike.  Anyways - trying to make a bit of a go of the swimming - so I've done three sessions so far - an 'ok this is how you do it' get back in the pool bimble, then 6 x 200m, and 4 x 400m.  If nothing else I'll be working on not getting bingo-wings - my arms are getting a decent work out.

At least there's been a whole host of athletics on the telly to keep me hooked on running, and I'm off down to the quayside to watch the Junior Great North Run & Great City Games today.  It's a horrible wet morning here in the North East, so I hope the rain clears up for the kids, athletes & spectators early on. No doubt I'll be posting an update later on, or if you're following me on Twitter I'll be updating from the quayside :)

Good luck to everyone taking part!

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