Saturday, 11 February 2012

Yoda-lan vs Darth Jim, and super cheesecake

Thursday was a first for me.

I ditched the normal track session in favour of Coach Alan Wear's road session, and what a toughie it was.  Frankie and I were the only ones from our group to turn out anyway, so he and I both opted to do the hills.  It was much the same route as the three banks we did the Tuesday before, with the addition of a dog-leg along Kitchner Terrace, making each lap around 1.2 miles.

It started ok, but with the winter cold I've managed to pick up, the cold air and the hills were hurting my chest and the best I could manage was to bimble about. 

Disappointing really since it was the first session, made even worse by the fact that Alan or it could have been Roy told me I had one lap to go when in fact I still had two.  Yes, Yoda, 'one lap to go you have'  and when one lap actually means THREE hills it's a big deal :P  #virtual fish-slap

Plus...I was on the last hill of the third lap when some guy came running past me.  In normal circumstances this wouldn't be an issue, but he was wearing jeans and a coat, carrying his shopping!  Oh the shame...  Still, he was heading up cemetery bank towards Hill Park, so he could have been chased by coppers :S

By the time I'd started the last of the three hills some of the fast lads had finished, but it's a starting point right?

It's a bit different to Evil Coach Darth Jim's training style, but canny non-the-less , talking about Darth Jim - we're hoping to see the return of the Sith Lord on Tuesday.  No doubt it'll be the 5k handicap route as a measure of how (un)fit we all are, so I'm hoping for something around 23:45 - that'll be a decent enough time to aim for given how rubbish I feel at the mo.  I already know that Yoda-lan is doing hills on Thursday again so that's sommit else not to look forward to next week.

I swear if I could wear some kind of bodysuit overnight that burned fat I'd give it a go, or better still, forget renewable energy or searching for the meaning of life, and get the boffins working on some sort of negative-calorie cheesecake that burns calories as you scoff the lot.

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