Sunday, 18 March 2012

Track session & Sedgefield parkrun

After the success of the Tuesday night session round Wood Terrace, I was a bit more inspire with my running come the Thursday night track session, so much so that instead of pacing myself perfectly, I again took off like a whippet at the start, and then faded with two reps to go.  The session was 10 x 500m, with only 100 jog recovery between reps - quite tough really, as there was only really just enough time to get your breath back before heading on again.

Still, despite the fact I slowed down considerably, I managed to finish the session in 29:15 (6.24k)  which works out at 7:32 pace, even with the jogging bits it works out faster than my recent 5k race the hell did that happen?

I ran with the dog on Friday morning, down to Ouston woodland trust, quick bimble round there (which would make a lovely little cross country course) then back up the road to Birtley.  The dog loves running down hill or on the flat, but he's not daft, and the lazy bugger slows down to a dawdle going uphill - what kind of collie is that eh.  I reckon a working collie's day would prolly finish him off.

The plan for yesterday was to head down to Sedgefield for the latest addition to the North East parkrun community, then straight back up to Jarrow for the Vet's Athletics NE cross country championships.  I got there much quicker than I thought, straight down the A1.  It couldn't be easier to find, though the satnav postcode for Hardwick park did direct me to Sedgefield Racecourse, I spotted the sign to get to the park, and it was only on the opposite side of the roundabout.

I've gotta say I've never been there before, but what a fantastic facility - it could have been designed for a parkrun - there's free parking, a cafe, loos, and a lovely park to run around.

I'll do a full report for parkrunfan's blog during the week, but a quick summary for here: It's a lot like Watergate trail race, like cinder paths in some points, gravel in others, and paths through woods.

I had a tough time of it - mostly cause I didn't really set out to do a decent time, and I struggled after the track on Thursday and off roading with the dog on Friday, but excuses aside it was a lovely route, very scenic.  Finished in 25:03, 10th lady and 3rd over 40.

Photo's shamelessly borrowed from Alister Robson's flikr photo-stream : Sedgefield parkrun

I do look a bit knackered on the last pic, but I was just about to finish!

Blog part two inc Vet's xc champs, to follow... :D

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