Saturday, 16 June 2012

June Madness

June is always a mad month for racing, and June 2012 has been no exception.  Actually, since my last post I've clocked up ten races, some good, some not so good, but I think I may have well and truly got my mojo back

16/06/12 Whitley Bay parkrun road 5km 23:29 65.12%

13/06/12 Penshaw Hill Race trail 3M 26:04 56.65%

12/06/12 Jarrow & Hebburn AC 5k time trial road 5km 23:40 64.62%

11/06/12 VAANEE Track & Field - 1 Mile track 1M 6:55 64.03%

09/06/12 Gateshead Parkrun road 5km 23:59 63.76%

06/06/12 VAANEE Road Relays road 0.89M 6:20 62.23%

31/05/12 Angel View Race mixed 5M 41:20 60.56%

26/05/12 Gateshead parkrun road 5km 23:58 63.81%

23/05/12 Clive Cookson 10K Race road 10km 48:11 65.05%

20/05/12 Pier to Pier mixed 6.91M 56:34 62.07%

02/05/12 Gordon Smith Memorial Relays road 2M 14:06 65.71%

01/05/12 Jarrow & Hebburn AC 5k time trial road 5km 24:00 63.72%

Today was Whitley Bay parkrun #1 and there was a great turn out of runners from all over the North East.  The course is very scenic, not completely flat, but not far off.  very enjoyable, and as an added bonus (for me anyways) another first to my list:

It's also great to see my WAVA percentages improving as I get fit again.

Wednesday: Penshaw Hill race - another cracking race in the June calendar.  it's a bit of a tough one (and I didn't manage to run up the last hill this year), and I wasn't as quick as the last time I did it, but the view from the top is great, and the banter is good!

Tuesday: Jarrow & Hebburn AC Time Trial - I normally know when we're gonna do these, but to be honest I didn't have a clue, and even with my feeble excuses of racing the day before and after, evil coach Darth Jim was having none of it, so I was forced to give it my best shot :P  Actually given how rough I felt I didn't do too badly.

Monday:  VAANEE Track & Field, 1 mile race - not the best of warm ups running from the results box to the start, but hey, I was never gonna go quick enough to have made that much of a difference ;)

It kinda looks like I'm gonna throw up at the finish (which I nearly did - sign of a good track session)

Clive Cookson:  Probably my only bash at 10k this year as I'm sticking to the (much) shorter 5k races.I didn't have a great run, was way too hot, and felt like I was gonna pass out in the last 800m, but, I did finish, and managed to run negative 5k splits.  Pretty poor time considering my 43:50 10k pb on the same course.  But it was worth it for probably one of the better piccies of me running!

Hopefully after Newburn River run next Wednesday and the vets track championships on the Saturday, I'll be over the hump in terms of having so many races so close together.