Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Golfy update

I started playing golf at Tyneside Golf Club with a scheme they were running for ladies who had never played golf before called the "Tee-Timers".  The first session was carnage on the practice field, with 24 of us lined up, and balls flying everywhere, and not going anywhere at all.  After several months of lessons with Gary the pro, and the wonderful Lillian and Anne from the ladies section, they finally let us loose on the course (a terrifying day for the rest of the membership no doubt).

Of the initial Tee-timers around 16 joined up, so it was a great success, and this has been my first full season playing with a handicap. 

Andy, my hubby, who has played golf since before he served with Nelson in the Navy, is keen as mustard.  So he entered us into all manner of mixed competitions this year.  This could have been grounds for divorce with some couples, but fortunately he also has the patience of a saint when it comes to my 'lively' putting style, so we haven't come to blows as yet.

Yesterday saw us off on our travels after work again, this time up to Garesfield Golf Club, near Chopwell Woods.

View from the clubhouse
The weather really didn't know what it wanted to do, it was blazing sunshine on the 1st, and after a soaking in heavy rain on the 7th,  and an initially poor start we managed to recover to 17 points on the front nine.  The rain stopped on the 9th, but the wind picked up, the temperature dropped, and by the 10th it was bloody freezing.  We really did have four seasons in one day.

14th tee, facing the green
The views were stunning on the course, and you are so high up you can see the sea at South Shields!  I could probably just have walked around the course with my camera to take some great pics.

14th tee, looking back across the 13th toward Chopwell
It was getting late, and we were playing into a low sun on the 17th & 18th which was really difficult for judging were the ball was going, but we (mostly Andy) rallied round on the back nine, finishing with 39 points. I did myself proud though in my first mixed comp playing with my new 30 handicap, and the score was a team effort.

I was so cold I couldn't feel my fingers at the finish though - crazy after such a warm start to the round.  So the trip back home had the heaters in the van on gas mark 9 ;)

Back home to a lovely Birtley sunset
That's it for my season of mixed golf, the last competition 'till next year.  I've got two more ladies competitions, and then it's full on into the cross country season (with the first harrier league meeting in 10 days time)

Happy running / diving / /golfing folks!

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