Saturday, 24 August 2013

Where did all that time go...

It's been aaaagggggeeess since I came on and updated my blog.  It's not because I don't enjoy it.  I'm just so busy with other stuff I haven't had the time.  That sounds pretty ridiculous given that it only takes 10 mins here and there but it's true.

What have I been up to?  Well, mostly work, golf, and a bit of running thrown in for good measure.  Add in admin work for the North East Harrier League, and the Vets Association, and my spare time has evaporated.

Work:  It's an on going problem that I've yet to solve.  I'd like to retire, but I haven't won the lottery, or stumbled across any get-rich-quick schemes, so that day is a long, long way off in the far distant future.

Running:  It's taken a bit of a back seat to be quite honest.  I am still running, but I'm so slow it's beyond a joke.  This year I haven't managed to crack 23 mins for 5k, never mind 21 which was always the ultimate goal.  It's a bit depressing in a way, but it's down to a lack of effort in, and some re-occurring injuries earlier in the year.  It's safe to say that 2013 isn't going to be a year for running for me.

I've still got out there and competed for the team though which is something.  If I hadn't of I might have fell off track completely, but I've done quite a few relays which is great for moral.

I haven't really had a running goal this year either which is part of the problem.  When you have something to aim towards it's much easier to maintain a training schedule.  Because of all the time I had off with plantar-fasciitis I decided not to target any races this year, and just try to manage my fitness which hasn't really worked.

I'm going to have to give myself some sort of goal for next year, sign up for a race or something.  Whatever it is it'll have to be good enough to get me off my behind and into training again.

Despite the training not really coming together I have managed to get out there a bit and I finally got my Parkrun 50 t-shirt.  One small glimmer of brilliance in the gloom ;)

Seen here at Riverside Parkrun yesterday, in a sprint finish with Kirstin for 23:41, a time that was pretty easy last year.

Golf:  Where the running has taken a back seat, the golf is really improving!

I started the year with a handicap of 30, having come down 6 at the end of the previous season.  So this is really my second season playing competitions.

After a poor year last year with all the rain, this year has been fantastic.  The sun has actually been out, a rarity in these parts, and we've been able to play without all the waterproof gear on.

So since April I've come down another 6 shots, and I'm now playing off 24.  Managed a couple of wins in that time too!  2 competitions at my club (one trophy comp) and I actually won a county competition this year too when I finished with a net 69 at the Durham Journal Final!  Me and Andy haven't played too badly either - won one mixed at our club, and one mixed open at Seaton Carew, so it's all going great.

The golf has definitely picked up where the running has dropped off, but now we're almost at the end of the golf season I'm looking to cross country to buck up my ideas.

Hopefully a winter of running round boggy fields will inspire me to get moving again