Saturday, 5 May 2012

It's not rocket science

It's been ages since an update, well, I missed out the whole of April, but hey, I've been busy, what can I say...I was working...the dog ate my homework...I was kidnapped by pirates...

Ok, so I wasn't abducted by aliens.

I was working however, and I was kind of kidnapped by pirates (I went diving with the motley crew up to Lochaline at Easter).  But I've also been playing golf, and running (hooray!), so I'll put down a brief synopsis of what's been happening.

It's been a bit too long to stick down all the training, so I'll stick with the milestone stuff

Date / Race / Time / Pace / notes & random stuff
  • March 31st / Gateshead Parkrun / 24:39 / 7:39 / took it easy as I was running on the Sunday
  • April 1st / Hartlepool Marina 5 mile / 38:15 / 7:39 / mad that it was exactly the same pace as the parkrun
  • April 19th / 3k time trial / 13:56 / 7:29 / felt rubbish tbh, but was faster than earlier in the month
  • April 22nd / Terry O'Gara 5k / 23:03 / 7:25 / had a canny run
  • April 24th / Slagheaps session (intervals) / 1.12 miles per rep, average 7:10 pace
  • April 28th / Gateshead parkrun / 23:23 / 7:16 pace / 1st Lady, I know it seems daft that this is a faster pace than Terry O'gara 5k, but I've measured Gateshead at 3.22 miles, so for purposes of pace, it's a bit quicker.
  • May 1st / Jarrow & Hebburn 5k time trial / 24:03 / 7:36 / jogged round!  
  • May 2nd / Gordon Smith Relays (2m) / 14:06 / 7:03 / 2nd leg, incomplete team
 Whilst I may not yet be back to the kind of speeds I'm looking for, I am really pleased with the improvement over the course of the month.  At the start of the year it was all around 7:50/8:00 pace.

I can only put it down to working harder and scoffing less chocolate.

it's not rocket science

So, given the current rate of improvement, a radical overhaul of my diet, and a complete body transplant, I should be ready for the Olympics in twenty years time ;)

Thanks have to go to Evil Coach Darth Jim, for shouting at me and telling me to stop whingeing :S

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