Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Valley View session

The planned comeback is still working, and somehow I managed to make it through last night's session without throwing up.

The reps were once round Monkton Dene Park (we call it Valley View 'cause of the name of the road),  with 90 seconds recovery x5.  It's got a nasty little hill at the finish too, which makes a decent run at it almost impossible. 

To say this is my least favourite session would be spot-on, I'd rather be shopping or at the hairdressers (both of which I hate doing), but I'm back on the road to speediness so I got my head down and gave it my best shot.

One lap round is approximately 1090-1100m

4:51 / 7:08 pace
4:51 / 7:08 pace
4:55 / 7:14 pace
5:00 / 7:21 pace
5:10 / 7:36 pace

Thought I was going to throw up after rep #3, but was happy to get the whole session done. 

great turnout at the club tonight, I'm sure the nice weather helps, but all the usual faces were there - well done folks, and a big welcome to our newest edition: Alice.  (All the club sessions aren't that tough, honest...)

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